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About the BeYOU Crew! 

Currently The BeYOU Crew is made up of our favorite BeYOUtiful Brown Girl Project Signature Characters: Roslyn, Reighan, Sommer, Marley, Danasia, Taysa, Chloe and Cori! They are your Beautiful Brown Girl's super cool BeYOU Friends. The BeYOU Crew is the epitome of girl goals in the 2000’s. They inspire, encourage, motivate, love and cherish their friendships. They are role models, thinkers, doers, leaders and shakers! They are leading characters in our upcoming book series- The BeYOUtiful Brown Girl Project Presents The BeYOU Crew. Our first publication is set to release in March - Summer in the City (The Reboot). This is a picture book introducing all of our BeYOU Crew  members while enjoying a classic summer day. The first book in our chapter book series, The BeYOU Crew: Rozzi for President, is expected to release in June 2021. 

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Suggested Reading List 
Receive a suggested reading list each month along suggested activities. As a Reading Specialist, I enjoy designing literacy activities for various picture books and novels. I want to share these resources with your Beautiful Brown Girl.  
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Receive our favorite affirmations each month and share them with your Beautiful Brown Girl. You can place them in her lunchbox, on her mirror or nightstand, in a text message... and more! 
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Journal Prompts & Activities
Receive our collection of favorite journal prompts and activities each month. If you didn't know, we LOVE journals. We want to make sure your Beautiful Brown Girl has though-provoking writing activities that can be used with or without her BeYOU Journals. 

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Why is the BeYOU Crew SUPER Necessary?

My name is Kathleen Wainwright, Founder and Owner of Dear Beautiful Brown Girl and the BeYOUtiful Brown Girl Project, and the creator of The BeYOU Crew! I am a National Board Certified Teacher and Reading Specialist with over 20 years of experience in the School District of Philadelphia. I am also an author and serial entrepreneur. 

When I started writing books for children, my goal wasn’t just to create a sense of adventure through storytelling. I also strive to recreate the experience I had as a reader with book series- there is a sense of belonging and a connection with literary friends when readers are invested in a series. The books in the series becomes more than just another book – readers look forward to seeing their friends experience life and they feel like they are a part of their journey. I want to recreate the experience I had as a lover of books but with Black and Brown characters that have features and experiences that my target readers are familiar with and can relate to. For example – I remember as a reader, there were always descriptions like “ice blue eyes” or “long flowing blonde hair that blew in the wind”. I had none of that. And when there was a Black character (Jessica in the Babysitter’s Club series), I don’t recall ever reading about how her “thick dark hair bounced like cotton candy when worn in a puffy ponytail” or how her rich brown skin “looked like warmed chestnuts in the sun”. The imagery was much different for me as a Black reader absorbed in a White text. But there is a major piece of the literacy experience missing when this personal connection doesn’t occur for the reader. In addition, this is where self-awareness and self-esteem is strengthened. When readers can read about the beauty in their physical features, their complexion, the strength and power in their characteristics, their rich history – when readers experience these descriptors in a way that is as organic as telling a simple story, it becomes a natural part of their personal description and belief system. Its like another layer of support to help emphasize and reinforce all of the positive reinforcement they are already receiving or, if they aren’t hearing it enough, it helps plant that very important seed.

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